Song of the Day: January 26

Artist: The Flaming Lips

Song: Sun Blows Up Today

Album: The Terror

New Flaming Lips? New Flaming Lips! The band’s 16(!) album, The Terror, is due out on April 1st and they’ve put this euphoric blast of energy out as a non-album single. We are in for a treat if this is indicative of the album’s overall sound. This track somehow manages to simultaneously be accessible, raucously lively and sonically adventurous, no small feat. Bass fuzz and crashing cymbals combine with handclaps to give it a bouncy danceable vibe; it’s not a stretch to imagine this in one of those “silhouette rocking out” ipod commercials. At the same time, chiming guitars and Wayne Coyne’s vocals give it a lighter, airy vibe. The expert mixing assaults the brain from all sides with blissfully overwhelming sound. And, speaking of overwhelming, check out this lyric video; this is like itune’s visualizer tripping bear balls on LSD.


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