Song of the Day: January 5

The Beatles- I Saw Her Standing There

A classic to start off the new year. The best part of this song isn’t the rollicking guitar riff. It isn’t the driving, power-pop drumbeat that would be imitated by everyone from Zeppelin to Green Day. It isn’t even Paul McCartney unleashing his unforgettable rock-n-roll “Wooooooo!” on the world for the first time. It’s the fact that, even at their youngest and most primitive stage, the Beatles were willing and able to marry bubblegum pop with unconventional songwriting (in this case the chord progression that accompanies “I’d never daaaaaaaaaaaance with another”). Any other band from this time wouldn’t have deviated from the conventional R&B progression that makes up the rest of the song; the Beatles did and the result was the hook from their first iconic track.


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